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Named after and inspired by the Sonoran Desert in the Southwest United States, Sonoran Heat Sauce Co. was founded in the pursuit of a passion for good food and hot sauces.

We believe the best foods are simple ones.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing complicated.  Nothing intimidating.  Just simple, straightforward flavor.

We make our sauces the way we would make them at home, without thickening agents or stabilizers.  This may mean you have to shake your sauce before you use it but if that means there aren't any weird ingredients in there, that is fine by us.

We believe that hot sauce is as much about flavor as it is about heat.  Our unique flavor combinations are a reflection of this belief.  Whether it's the subtle carrot flavor in our Mango Carrot Habanero or the bright acidity of pineapple in our Sweet Pineapple Poblano, we strive to find balance between chasing heat and balancing flavor.